Cargo Service

Cargo Service

We are one of the BEST CARGO SERVICE providers in India offering you cost-efficient and safe delivery of your goods. Logitel is well-known for delivery all over India and all around the world. We provide you complete logistic solutions including- global shipping, refrigerated cargo, dry cargo and special cargo.

Logitel is the BEST for handling all types of Cargo including- general, heavy-duty, and volumetric cargo. Our fast, secure and an excellent range of services make us the leading one in India. In addition, we are known for competitive rates and transit times. Our dry cargo service ensures safe and efficient shipment. We’ve great exposure to safely handling, stowing and transporting various types of cargoes - including food-grade, hazardous and rare/precious cargoes.

Our industry expertise supports by helping many of our customers to grow their business to NEXT LEVEL through our fast and efficient Cargo Service. With years of experience, we are providing solutions to all their needs. Handling small air to large scale import/export air projects well handle everything for you in a quite professional and reliable manner.

Cargo Handling

A safe and effective cargo handling is essential for the safe delivery of your parcel. We strive to make the process smooth and implement the global standards while putting safety first. Our team works hard to handle all cargo delivery requirements. We are ready in 24/7 mode for all sorts of requirements.

General Cargo:- This includes high-value goods such as electronics, jewelry and pharmaceuticals. We take care of all these utmost.

Special Cargo:- We maintain the proper environment / special conditions to ensure the safe delivery of the goods and services.

Get in Touch with Logitel for Booking & Information

If you are looking for the Cargo Service for your goods then contact us. We ensure safe transportation and attention to the Cargo. We understand the concerns of our customers, therefore we don’t take chances, and pay full attention during the complete process of delivery.

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