We are one of the foremost Warehousing & Logistics Company in India offering you all kinds of services in goods transportation & warehousing. We take care of our client's needs and provide an array of services including - stock management, bar-coding, co-packing, customization services, pricing/labeling, procurement process, transportation, and trans-loading. A strong client portfolio, pick and pack, cross-dock, complete supply chain management, real-time inventory, laser screen flooring, quality control-like features make us the best company for warehousing in India. Since our inception, we have been engaged in on-time delivery and saving money for our clients to a greater extent. Tracking, round-the-clock power back up, broadband internet connectivity and order fulfillment make us the BEST CHOICE for you.

Our team works hard to deliver seamlessly and all sorts of warehousing services. Packing machines, shrink-wrapping machines, fork machines and value-added services play a significant role in making us the finest choice for your warehousing needs.

Our global footprint needs and extensive network means a lot to make us the best service providers. We are excellent in providing supply chain, and logistics services. We believe in reducing the complexity and allows you to gain more control, gain speed and visibility.

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility
  • Quality Control


In order to surpass the expectations, we offer you an array of value-added services to all our clients.

Kitting: Logitel kitting is the best for providing the packing, grouping, transporting and storing services efficiently. Each and every unit is associated with each other.

Bulk Breaking: Bulk breaking is basically a process of breaking larger packages into smaller ones, and mostly availed by the companies that deal in consumer products.

Labeling: Labelling is practiced at our warehousing center while performing kitting or bulk breaking activities.

Bundling: It’s the process of accumulating several smaller products into large ones. We offer bundling services to our customers, where mainly consumer products companies avail our services.

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